Sunday, 15 April 2012

Beckhampton Cove

On investigation, I found that it has been suggested that the avenues may have housed coves at one time or another, the Adam and Eve stones on the Beckhampton avenue have been included in this suggestion. I decided to take my rods and my equipment to see if I could shed some light on the subject.

The avenue ran along-side this road, at where the stones are in the distance, the avenue curves slightly towards the left of the picture, the energy line runs in front of the stones following the avenue. I dowsed some missing stones on this side of the energy line which confirmed that the energy line ran between the stones, as with the Kennet avenue.

The first time I came here I dowsed around the stones not looking for anything in particular, Free-dowsing if you will, and I found there to be a lot of activity around the stones, I also found more energy lines other that the one I described. Unfortunatly I didnt have the time to investigate, but on this occasion I was focussed on finding the beckhampton cove/s.

On looking at the stones themselves, Eve (the larger of the two) looked more like the female cove stones used in the north circle at Avebury (but smaller). Also the gradient of the ground seemed more suspicious, from the information we have now it is difficult to tell where the missing stones may have been, but at the avebury cove the ground seems desturbed, and it seemed logical to assume that had the stones been removed in the past there may be some interference left, clues in the shape of the ground.

I started by dowsing in a circle around the Eve stone, asking for a cove, I got a clear yes. I asked for the point within the center of the cove, which I marked, and then the center of the two stones. I actually dowsed a fourth stone which was very small, so I discounted this but I admit it did have me confused for a while!

I then dowsed for the edges of the stones, asking for the edge at ground level, I got two shapes. I then started again, and seemingly received the same information so I marked out the two missing stones.

I recorded the measurements, using a tape measure. But one thing was troubling me and that was the height of the stones. While dowsing with the Archeological dowsers, I learnt a technique which seemed to be similar to Bishops rule. Bishops rule is a technique where you can establish how far down a water vein/line is when dowsing for water, it involves you walking away from the dowsed spot until the rods indicate the depth, upon measuring of course. You literally imagine that you are walking toward the water underneath you, which is a lot easier than it sounds!

So I applied the same technique, imagining the outline of the height of the stone being projected out in front. I practiced on the stones that were there, and on measuring them was quite suprised. I also did the same for the depth.

With my new found technique I was armed and ready to establish what this cove may have looked like. The first missing stone was dowsed and seemed pretty similar to the already standing stone.

 The outline was not predetirmined and if you have dowsed you will understand what I mean, I felt when dowsing that it was far too small, but upon measuring I was suprised. The stone had an odd cut-out similar to Eve and the large stone in the cove at Stanton Drew. The height estimated at 4.5m, which was bigger than Eve. The depth of the stone is estimated to be 3m 22.

I was quite chuffed with this, although I didnt bring enough pegs so I had to canabalise the other markings! I repeated the process with the other stone, and words cannot describe my shock.

This was huge, measuring 8m 80cm. I was in disbelief and really started to question my dowsing, I checked and checked again and got the same result, I also checked the depth which was 5m 30. This is huge! and makes it bigger than the Avebury cove stone, in fact I went to check the obolisk at Avebury which measured at over 9m, and a depth of 5m (very approx). The scientific part was maintaining the data, everything else seemed consistant so I am accepting the results for now, however incredibly controversial! If we assume that the data is correct, then we have a similar set-up to the other cove, a large phallic male stone with a large female stone and a slightly smaller female stone but wider at the base (Eve).

The interesting thing also to note is that the cove is not connected to the energy line which runs along the avenue, although there is an energy line which passes through the cove, much smaller at 7 paces. This feeds into the much wider energy line, and there was a dowseable node within this energy. My instinct is that by building a cove here perhaps the ancients were harnessing the energy in some way, and perhaps the energy line would have been a lot wider with the cove intact.

My search for other dowsers to support and check the data still is unanswered, so I am writing an article for "dowsing today" in the hope it may spark some interest. If you are interested in supporting this project then please contact me.

Best wishes


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nodal Dowsing

For ages I had heard the term "node" being thrown about. I decided to investigate what a node actually was.

I went back to the St Martha hill woods and picked up on an energy line which I had previously tracked please see "dowsing in surrey" blog set on the right hand side.

I tracked it and asked for the node, I had dowsed this node before but only its location, and as far as I knew at the time a node was just were two lines met.

I asked for the energy configuration of the node and I was led in a circle around the center point of the node, on one turning I noticed I was in a different position, and kept going, I was following a spiral slowly getting to the center of the node. I eventually ended up at a point where the rods were pulling on the spot, in other words there was no space left to go so I had reached the center point of the node.

I have to be honest, during my research this could well be a purely subliminal invention, spirals are always referenced, but to dowse it yourself is an experience, especially when dowsing this point previously gave a spoke like formation and no spiral, and upon asking for the energy configuration getting a spiral. In itself dowsing a spiral is pretty compelling as it would be very difficult to imagine a spiral and make the rods move in the way that they do on a concious level, again very compelling and in my opinion deviates against the skeptical "ideometer" response as an explanation for dowsing.

I checked again for the radials and found them again, so I decided to make a diagram (not at all accurate) that would give you an idea of what a node actually dowses like, also I have to add that this is one nodal point and at sites you often find two next to one another influencing the other, so this diagram is just for representative purposes.

I should also add that I have given this a radial count of 34, as that was what was discovered at the rollrights, but this is the only time this mapping has been done by myself, but more research to follow. Interestingly the measurments will need to be taken carefully and compared to the fibonacci ratio to confirm a suspected theory, and assumed by many.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Avebury Cove

On the research on ancient megaliths, where can one start.

Well Avebury duhh!....

I have no desire to explain Avebury, you can look at this tremendous site which explains it but Avebury can be a great canvas in which to attempt to understand what the ancients may have been intending.

I wanted to focus on Avebury Cove, situated in the north circle. It is very likely that the cove consisted of three stones, two of which still remain:

At least one of these made its way onto the largest megaliths (cut stones of all time)

What was the purpose of a cove, an opened top structure with gaps between the stones.

We know that a famous energy line passes through the site at Avebury and at the cove, but was this intended? Or a consequence of the placement of the stones? Difficult to say based on this structure. I felt it might be more provident to establish if there was a third stone and where it was.

By use of dowsing I managed to locate the missing stone:

This would make the missing stone in between the two other stones. The two remaining stones seem to resemble the male (phallic) and the female (octaganal), this is ancient symbology which has evolved into even todays church worship.

It was quite busy and didnt get the chance to map out any other energy lines and configurations, but I suspect the energy is being held by the stones, and is directly linked. If this was intentional then one possible idea is that the cove was a focal point of the energies, in the other circle there is a rectangular area marked with an obilisk, perhaps this was a different focal point for a different target. Wide speculation at present and difficualt to proove.

Here are some pictures of the elegant cove stones: