Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rollrights Stones

I had not been to the rollrights stone circle before. The area itself is in this picture:

The king stones
whispering knights:

The energy line Belinus and its partner Elen were found going through the sites...

Kevin, introduced me to the complex, and explained that there had also been a cursus found in the field which crop circles had also been found close to. The cursus suddenly stopped and at this point a crop circle had been formed, Kevin also said he was the first one to see the crop circle and that it was a true crop circle. Suprosingly, the crop circle could not be on an energy line such as the belinus or elen, by the geography. But Kevins theory was related to the flows which ran from the whispering knights, we would investigate this as time continued.

In the rollrights stone circle two magnetic points were found, one of which we mapped out: Stone circles are said to have two points, a male and a female, implosion and explosion. The female at this site is the more ellusive so we mapped this one, as seen below. This is a small part of the overall geometry, which will get more complicated as the study continues...

This point was a few metres away from the famous point which draws everyones attention. Kevin, has spent much time at this stone circle measuring the geometry, to map the Female magnetic point out, we used pegs and string and only mapped out half of it due to time constraints and lack of string, you have to imagine these lines projecting further.

If you see the point above the center of the circle this is the "center" which on measuring we found neither was in the center, and is incidently the male point of the circle, so if you can imagine this cross and another cross with the center above you have a versica piscis. But the aim of this experiment was to find and not speculate. We ran out of time otherwise the others would have been plotted, incidently it would get very complicated. But we will return and report more findings.

If you look here the lines varied in space between and it was tricky to dowse each line. incidently I did wonder after why the lines were so close together and it happened that the sun was shining exactly from the area where the lines were together, this is possibly a coincidence.

The sun was extremely bright and some interesting charactors turned up during the day, a lady with healing bowls turned up and graciously lit up the place with the resonance of these bowls which was an experience in itself.

We placed the sound bowls on the magnetic points to enhance the experience, perhaps more method was needed next time to give a better range of results but this visit was intended to be a meeting and an introduction to the site and  Kevin...